The 7 Best Wide Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet

If you are reading this article, then you are likely keen to the difficulties related to finding the best wide snowboard boots that are both comfortable and high performance.

I don’t have wide feet myself, but if snowboarding is your hobby much like it is mine, then you should be able to enjoy riding without having to worry about a pair of boots, that don’t fit right and ruining your day.

In researching this topic I’ve come to understand that having wide feet makes it difficult to find a snowboard boot that does not cause sore feet while riding. A big problem indeed!

Many of you out there with wide feet riding in regular snowboard boots may be feeling the effects of an improper boot including:

  • Heel lift
  • Too much foot and ankle movement
  • Poor durability (may only last a couple of weeks in extreme cases)

I have found that most people are trying to compensate for these problems by sizing up their boots. Some go as far as three or four sizes bigger than what is ordinary for them.

Some riders have stated that the boots feel comfortable when they first try them on, but once they spend some time on the mountain they run into the same problems as before.

Unfortunately, riders are finding this out the hard way, through trial and error. Through our research, the Snow Gear Tracker team and I have become aware of this problem, and we have put our time and effort in helping fellow snowboarders find wide snowboard boots that will best fit them.

How to determine your snowboard boot width

Some of you may be new to this process. If you are new, then it is important to know how wide your feet are. Some boots mentioned in this article have a maximum width. Some riders stated that certain boots are too narrow, but their feet may have been too wide for the boot.  

There are several sites out there that will help you find out how wide your feet are. A simple one to start with is Leaf tv’s site. It uses visual aids to break down the process.

Next, it would benefit you to look at Size Charter’s extensive tables to determine the degree of width that your feet have.

By doing this, you may just save time and money before trying different boots until you find one that fits right.

Our Research Process

This article is built off of information provided by enthusiastic snowboarders like you. We scoured multiple retail outlets, forums, blogs, and manufacturer’s websites for valuable reviews and comments from users in order to collect the best information on the widest snowboard boots and provide that information to you.

Breakdown of Mentions in Wide Snowboard Boot Context
Breakdown of Mentions in Wide Snowboard Boot Context

During our comprehensive research process, we read over 130 reviews and comments from satisfied and unsatisfied users in search of the best snowboard boots for wide feet. We compiled and analyzed the information in an effort to minimize our own biases and present the consensus results in this article from the opinions of wide snowboard boot users.

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Best Wide Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet

1) Burton Ruler Wide

Burton Ruler Wide
  • Lacing: Speed
  • Flex: Medium

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The Burton Ruler is a popular boot from Burton. The wide variant has shown to be one of the most talked-about snowboard boots for wide feet. It features a speed zone lacing system. The boot has a medium flex rating and a width size of 3E.

In our research, we found about forty Burton Ruler Wide users across almost ten different websites. They all shared their personal experience with this boot. The Burton Ruler Wide was mentioned the most out of any other wide foot-specific boot covered in this article.

More than half of our fellow riders, that use the Burton Ruler Wide, had positive things to say about their boots. More than a quarter made statements that the boot was comfortable.

Positive vs Negative reviews for Burton Ruler Wide
Positive vs Negative reviews for Burton Ruler Wide

After using boots that are not made for wide feet, when describing their experience with the Burton Ruler Wide, many indicated it was a relief to slip into a pair that fit great.

An almost equal number of users shared that it is the perfect boot for them. Some stated that they struggled with finding a boot season after season, but the Burton Ruler Wide was by far the best one. Others even talked about how they will continue to purchase this boot when the time comes for a new pair.

Despite all the great reviews, our research showed us that the Burton Ruler Wide is probably not the widest snowboard boot available for you.

Very few had an issue with it, but several snowboarders with extra wide feet stated that the boot was too narrow for them. If you have extra wide feet, then perhaps this boot is not a fit for you.

But don’t be discouraged though because there are more boots in this article for you to consider.

There is another small group of users that felt that it was not as comfortable as other boots that they tried; however, three-quarters of those individuals stated that heat molding the liner helped.

Less than half of the comments were negative, with the most notable issue being the durability of the boot. Five riders said that the boot is not as durable as others.

On average the boot appears to be good for about two seasons, but it does vary depending on how much you ride. If you put in a lot of time on the mountain and you want a boot that will last more than a couple of seasons, then check out some other boots the list.

Keep in mind that our research shows this boot to be the most widely used boot we discuss in this article.

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2) Burton Photon Wide

Burton Photon Wide
  • Born from the same get-after-it attitude as the traditional Photon, the Burton men's Photon BOA Snowboard Boots add the...
  • GripLITE backstay snugs up the fit between the boot and hi-back; 1:1 firm flex PowerUp tongue for a snug fit between...
  • Total Comfort Construction with a wider fit provides an instantly broken-in feel; Snow-proof internal gusset completely...
  • Dual-Zone BOA Fit System with Coiler and Lockdown technology features two distinct lace zones that can be independently...
  • Imprint 3 heat-moldable liner has a hook-and-loop closure and lace lock along with power panels for a snug, lightweight...

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The Burton Photon Wide is a newer wide foot variant in the Burton snowboarding boot line up. It is a pricier pick over the Burton Ruler Wide.

This boot features a different lacing system than the Burton Ruler Wide. It utilizes a specialized Boa Coiler closure system that results in increased heel hold. The Burton Photon Wide has a firm flex rating and a width of 3E.

Because this boot is newer and pricier, there was far less information provided by our snowboarding friends. The boot research was limited to the manufacturer’s website where a small number of people reviewed the boot saying in general that it was comfortable.

The Burton Photon Wide offers firmer flex and improved lacing system over the Burton Ruler Wide. However, you have to account for the cost in your decision.

If you the Ruler Wide just didn’t quite provide the firm feel that you prefer, then try on the Photon Wide. Or perhaps you agree with the small group of people that state the Ruler Wide was just a bit too narrow, then give this boot a try.

The Photon may just be the Burton fit that you want and need.

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3) Salomon Synapse Wide JP

No products found.

The Salomon Synapse Wide JP is one of the most well-known snowboarding boots for wide feet.

It is an all-mountain performance boot. It features a liner that breathes well while also keeps out the cold. The Synapse Wide has a power lock lacing system to keep your feet securely in place.

The manufacturer states that the boot is a medium flex; however, your fellow snowboarders have said that this is one of the stiffer wide boots on the market approaching an eight out of ten on the boot flex scale.

If you prefer your snowboard boots to be on the stiffer side of the spectrum, then this could be the wide boot that you are looking for.

The Snow Gear Tracker team and I found half the amount of information on the Salomon Synapse Wide than we did with the Burton Ruler Wide. However, very few people had negative comments about the boot.

Only three people that wore this boot while riding stated that the boots were too narrow, only one person stated that they were uncomfortable, and only one person thought the synapse wide to not be durable.

Positive vs Negative Reviews for the Salomon Synapse Wide
Positive vs Negative Reviews for the Salomon Synapse Wide

No products found.

4) Salomon Dialogue Wide

Salomon Dialogue Wide
  • Medium Flex Medium Flex is adapted to riders that want to feel good on all terrain types, for all riding styles.
  • DAMPLite+ Soles The perfect mix of grippy rubber and an ultra dampening EVA blend
  • Wide Fit
  • Ortholite C2 Footbed A dual density insole that molds to your foot for all day comfort.
  • Response Liner Fully heat moldable with Ultralon foam and perforated Qucikdry Insoles

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The Salomon Dialogue Wide is another wide boot by Salomon. The Dialogue features a heat-moldable fit and a softer flex than the Synapse Wide.

The lacing system on the standard Dialogue Wide is zone lock lacing. Salomon has also accommodated riders who enjoy the Dialogue Wide but prefer a faster BOA lacing system by creating the Dialogue Focus BOA Wide.

The Snow Gear Tracker team’s research has found that the Dialogue Wide was often on people’s list of recommended wide snowboard boots for wide feet, but fewer users commented about it than the Synapse Wide.

Positive vs Negative Reviews of Salomon Dialogue Wide
Positive vs Negative Reviews of Salomon Dialogue Wide

But like its’ sister boot from Salomon, very few negative reviews were found. Only one review on a retailer outlet said that the boot was not durable. On a snowboarding forum, only one participant thought that the boot was two narrow.

The other eleven users that commented on multiple forums or retail outlets had good things to say about the Dialogue Wide. Most commented in general that either the boot allowed for a comfortable ride, or it offered more than that, a perfect fit.

Remember, just because a boot is mentioned less, it doesn’t mean that the boot may not be right for you.

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5) Salomon Hi-Fi Wide

The Salomon Hi-Fi Wide is of similar flex to the Dialogue Wide. This boot was designed to meet the specific needs of Bode Merrill, one of the best all-around snowboarders.

The Hi-Fi boot features what Salomon calls a mutation construction that is supposed to ensure a never-ending flex along with a unique wrapping fit. Like the other Salomon snowboarding boots, this one also features a zone lock lacing system.

The Hi-Fi Wide is more expensive than the previous two Salomon boots discussed, which is why our research was limited to very few comments and reviews.

What little was said about this boot was all positive. Because the boot was mentioned on several forums as a good choice of a wide snowboard boot, we thought it deserved a mention in our article as well.

Based on these forums, too many people try to ride with traditional width, not wide, boots or even a wide boot that does not match their feet perfectly. This can ruin a day of snowboarding. So if this boot has the potential to be the perfect boot for a fellow snowboarder, then it is worth the mention.

6) K2 Maysis Wide

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The K2 Maysis Wide was not mentioned on any forum that I read, nor was it mentioned by any participants. I felt that it is worth the mention in my article because it is at least a boot specifically designed for wide feet. It may be worth the time to try on and make your own personal evaluation of the boot.

This is the only boot that K2 offers for snowboarders with wide feet, and that boot is a wide variant of the K2 Maysis.

This boot is a medium flex boot and is about half the stiffness that the Salmon Synapse Wide offers. The Maysis also features a particular construction of the boot that eliminates shell distortion. K2 equipped the Maysis with a BOA lacing system in order to allow for on the fly adjustability.

Although not mentioned in forums, we were able to find fourteen people who reviewed the Maysis Wide on several retail outlets. Exactly half of the reviews stated that the boot is comfortable or just right. Only three people stated that the boot is uncomfortable.

There was a notable number of users that said the Maysis Wide was not durable. Snowboarders observed more than usual wear and tear on the boot throughout the season.

With the release of new season models of snowboarding boots, companies have the opportunity to correct deficiencies in their boots as well as make adjustments that increase comfort and durability. I would expect K2 to correct any durability issues as they move forward.

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Normal Width Boots

There are several snowboarding forums where riders with wide feet discuss amongst each other the best wide snowboard boot. They also talk about other snowboard boot brands and boot models that run wider than normal.

Some participants mentioned that K2 and DC snowboard boot brands have fit their wide feet adequately, while others said Adidas and Vans fit well enough on them. But some sizing up is going to be required in order to accommodate for one’s wider foot.

This is not recommended since the boot is not designed for a wider foot. You would simply be trying to decrease the level of discomfort that you felt with other boots.

The participants were not overzealous about these brands that seemed to fit, but they did agree that the boots did the job. They encouraged people to at least try them on. Not everyone’s foot is the same, these snowboard brands may have a normal width boot that does you justice.

If you’re thinking that a normal width boot might work out for you check out the Lashed review below. We also review a few Thirtytwo boot models and several other brands and normal-width models in our Best Snowboard Boots article.

7) Thirtytwo Lashed

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For my article, we decided to talk about one normal width boot in particular. This is a specific boot that was mentioned by more than a few riders to have been comfortable for them, the Thirtytwo Lashed snowboard boot.

For this particular boot, I am going to stress the distinction between the information gathered from snowboard boot forums discussing wide boots and reviews from retail outlets. The forums will talk about the Thirtytwo Lashed being used as a wide boot whereas the reviews are most likely written by users with normal width feet.

Participants on the forums offered more information than they did with the Salomon Hi-Fi Wide, as much information as the Salomon dialogue wide, and nearly as much information as the Salomon Synapse wide.

This already speaks volumes about the Lashed since it is a normal width boot that is receiving as much attention from wide footed snowboarders as the Salomon boots designed for wide feet.

There was only one person that thought the boot was too narrow but that heat molding helped. Two people thought that the boot was uncomfortable. But to my surprise, the other ten users all stated that the lashed was comfortable. No one thought it was the perfect boot per se, but then again it is a normal width boot that is being used by someone with wide feet.

Because this is a normal boot, the number of customers is significantly higher than those of wide snowboard boots. Therefore, more reviews were available.

We read thirty-four, which were all positive except for two. I think that the most notable review stated that the heat molding made the boot more comfortable. This is important because, as mentioned above, a wide footed user also said the same.

The benefit of the Thirtytwo lashed, if it fits you, is that it is available in several styles and options. More than is offered by the wide boots mentioned in this article. It is also significantly cheaper than all the boots mentioned above.

Keep in mind that this is a normal width boot that most likely will fit those of you with wide feet on the lower end of the spectrum.

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Our article is meant to share with you the best snowboarding boots for wide feet. It is based on information gathered by me and the Snow Gear Tracker team mostly through comments of wide snowboard boot users.

We compiled this list based off of which boots were talked about most among the wide-footed snowboarding community as well as which of those boots received the most positive reviews while taking note of any negative comments.

Our top three picks for wide snowboard boots

  1. Burton Ruler Wide
  2. Salomon Synapse Wide
  3. Salomon Dialogue Wide

Each of these boots was the subject of most the conversation on forums, and they all received a strong majority of positive reviews from customers. Although other normal width boots were mentioned a lot as well, these three boots are truly designed to be the best fit for your feet.

Comparison of Positive and Negative Reviews for Each Boot

The Snow Gear Tracker team took the time to research these wide snowboard boots so that you do not have to do as much work searching all over the web.

I hope that my article will help you find your perfect boot.

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