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Burton Ion Snowboard Boots Review 2019-2020

Here is our review of the Burton Ion Snowboard Boots (Men's).

The Burton Ion snowboard boots are our pick for the best freeride snowboard boots with speed laces.

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Burton Ion Snowboard Boots Review


If you’re looking to charge steep fast lines, then the Burton Ion snowboard boots deliver the stiffness and response you can depend on in one of Burton’s stiffest flexing boots.

These things are designed from the bottom up to move as a unit without giving as you make those tight aggressive turns.  Even the toe cap is a hard rubber that is very durable and contributes to the overall stiffness of the boot.

But having a stiff boot is no fun without a comfortable fit and warmth which Burton has carefully accounted for in the design. 

Speed Lacing

The Ion’s speed zone lacing system allows you to lace up your boots quickly, but it also allows you to customize the fit of both the lower and upper zones of the boot in seconds to fit your feet just right.


To start with the Ion’s are equipped with a supportive easy closing liner with insulation designed to keep your feet both warm and dry.  Burton’s Dry Ride Heat Cycle™ lining utilizes carbon threads that are strategically interwoven among the normal fibers.  The heat conductive nature of carbon threads acts to distribute the heat more evenly throughout the liner.


The boot’s cushioning system utilizes a dual-density EVA which provides rubber-like damping but is soft enough to conform to your foot and allow for a more natural riding position.  Burton calls this AutoCANT because it allows your legs to slightly angle or “cant” inward.  Proper riding position results in reduced fatigue and strain over the coarse of a long day on the mountain.

The Ion’s also have an extra layer of cushioning inside the shell for added impact resistance.  This extra cushioning layer is then insulated to maintain its effectiveness in colder temperatures. 

Finally, there’s Burton’s EST Optimized Midsole which is a lightweight and low-profile design that results in a lower center of gravity and improves the feel of the boot.  The soles also include gel inserts for even more impact resistance.

These features all team up to make your feet feel welcome as you push yourself to your limits.

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Lacing Options

If you want to make a unique visual statement, then the Burton Ion Leather Snowboard Boot may be for you.  These have all the same features, but the shell is made from a beautiful full grain leather.

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Another note is if you like everything you hear but you’re not a fan of Burton’s speed zone lacing there is a Focus Boa version available.  The Focus Boa system gives better tightening in the mid-zone of the foot compared to single or dual-zone Boa systems.

Burton Ion BOA
  • LACING: Dual Zone High-Power Focus Boa System, Coiler Technology, Powered by Burton Exclusive New England Ropes with the...
  • FLEX / RESPONSE: 1:1 Firm Flex PowerUP Tongue
  • COMFORT: Total Comfort Construction, Outer Pressure Relief Panel, Snow-Proof Internal Gusset
  • LINER: Life Liner, DRYRIDE Heat Cycle Lining, Ultralon Performance Foam, Hook-and-Loop Closure, Tuff Cuff
  • CUSHIONING: AutoCANT, ReBounce Cushioning, Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil

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Drawbacks (but not showstoppers)

The only drawbacks I could find are price and the very thing that makes these boots what they are...i.e. superior stiffness.

The stiffness of these boots is going to make them quite a challenge for beginners. This is because the stiffness makes it more difficult to avoid falls due to their quick response and it will be harder to get back to your feet too.  So, these are really only recommended for intermediate to advanced freeriders that are confident that this level of stiffness is matched with their riding style.

Yep the Burton Ion’s are a premium boot that comes at a premium price.  These boots don’t usually go on sale either.  If you’re lucky you can get a pair of the previous season version at a discount.  Otherwise be prepared to pay up for the current season version if you want a top of the line performer.

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Burton Ion BOA Snowboard Boots Mens Sz 11.5 Blues

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