Hey there!

Needless to say, at Snow Gear Tracker, we’re really passionate about winters in the outdoors and all the awesome gear that goes along with it. 

Our mission is to provide you with expert gear advice you can trust.  We believe that giving trusted advice takes a lot more than just being an experienced outdoor enthusiast passionate about outdoor gear.

Which we are of course.

But to pull off our mission and faithfully serve our readers we’ve set our core values based on the belief that the best advice comes from those with the ability to have a deep technical understanding of the design, materials, technology, and construction of the gear we provide advice on.

That’s why all of Snow Gear Tracker’s articles are written or edited by real engineers who also happen to love conquering the cold doing their favorite winter outdoor activities.

This results in advice you can trust.


Scott Stiles

Founder, Snow Gear Tracker