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snowboarder styles

Snowboarder Styles and Gear Selection

When selecting your primary snowboard gear (e.g. snowboards, bindings, and boots) it is often helpful to consider some generally accepted categories of snowboarder styles. This is especially true for you beginner riders outgrowing your gear.  These categories also come in handy for more experienced riders planning to expanding your pallet into snowboarder styles outside of your

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snowboard boot lacing

Snowboard Boot Lacing: Boa, Speed, or Traditional Laces?

When choosing snowboard boots a significant decision you need to make is deciding between snowboard boot lacing systems. In general, the three different types of snowboard boot lacing to choose from include:TraditionalBoaSpeedWhat is the best snowboard boot lacing system? All of these systems are pretty good and reliable so the truth is it really comes down to

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rear entry binding

Rear-Entry Snowboard Bindings Pros and Cons

One of the big decisions riders need to make when choosing their gear is between rear-entry and strap-in snowboard bindings.  On the surface the promise of fast and easy entry and exit with rear-entry snowboard bindings seems irresistible.  Is that promise too good to be true?  To help you decide for yourself I’ll share my

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Popular Review Posts

Best snowboard boots

Best Snowboard Boots 2019-2020 (Men and Women)

Here is our list of picks and reviews of the best snowboard boots for the 2018-2019 season. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of sitting on the lift with your foot cramping up in your boot after a lap or two. Then as you approach the unloading ramp at the top the cramping is to the…

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Best All Mountain Snowboard 2020-2021

Here’s our roundup review of the best all mountain snowboards for men.Making the best all mountain snowboard with a balance of features that performs well in a wide range of conditions is no easy task.  Manufacturers have to work hard and invest a lot in research and development to bring the best all mountain snowboards

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Best All Mountain Snowboard Bindings for Men 2020-2021

In this post, we have compiled a list of the best all mountain snowboard bindings for men for this season. We have researched and sifted through quite a bit of data and then further curated it for your convenience so you have what you need to choose from among the best snowboard bindings from some

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Recent Blog Posts

dropping in on a powder snowboard

The 5 Best Powder Snowboards 2019-2020

In this post, we have compiled a list and give our reviews of the best powder snowboards for men for this season. What makes a powder snowboard stand out? The best powder snowboards often do a good job of mirroring the surfing feeling. For the majority of snowboarders, this is possibly the closest they ever

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Camber vs rocker side view

Camber vs. Rocker: Using Each To Your Advantage

Snowboarding, just like any other sport, has a language all its own. There are words like, “jib”, “rails”, “half-pipe”, “butter” and “press” that all describe some part of the snowboarding experience. Two such words, which sound very technical, and can make a huge difference in your riding experience are camber vs. rocker.  Camber and rocker

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Snowboard Stance Setup for Performance & Comfort

For those new to snowboarding, your snowboard stance when strapped in might not feel normal just yet. It takes time to build up the muscle memory, just keep in mind, your stance shouldn’t cause strain or pain. When you’re in your athletic stance position, you should be relaxed, but feel in control.  There are three

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Best freeride snowboards

The 5 Best Freeride Snowboards for 2020-2021

What makes the best freeride snowboard?  Is it the materials used, the shape, flex, or the size?  Understanding these specs help you understand how a snowboard should perform, but the truth is the best freeride snowboard depends on your own preferences and how you like to flow as you ride. Freeriding is a broad category

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Snowboard Camber Types

How Snowboard Camber Types Affect Your Riding

Buying a snowboard in the 1980s was a piece of cake. With such a new technology, most boards were pretty much the same. You didn’t have a wide range of snowboard camber types to choose from.  Perhaps there was some variance in binding styles or slight differences in shape, but for the most part, early

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Snowboard Boot Sizing

Snowboard Boot Sizing Tips for Maximum Comfort

One of the most critical components of your snowboard setup is your snowboard boots.  So understanding snowboard boot sizing and getting the exact size and fit that’s right for you is essential. Simply put, a properly fitted pair of snowboard boots can be the deciding factor between an outstanding day in the mountains or a

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