Burton Ruler 2019-2020 Sideview

Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots Review 2019-2020

Here is our review of the Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots (Men’s).

The Burton Ruler comes equipped with a wide selection of valuable boot technology at an affordable price point which makes it our pick for the best all mountain snowboard boot with speed laces.

Due to its versatility it works well with the progressing rider.   New, intermediate, and advanced riders alike will find this a highly capable boot that proves to be a competent performer all over the mountain.

Burton Ruler (Speed Laces)

Versatile, medium flexing, all mountain performer that works great for a range of skill levels making it an awesome choice for riders looking to progress quickly.

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Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots Review


The boots come equipped with heat moldable liners (Imprint™ 2), 3D molded tongue, and a foam and gel cushioning system that team up to provide a very comfortable fitting and supportive boot that provides plenty of damping for those big landings.

The liners have a very simple closure that operates by the sides wrapping around the liner tongue and is held by Velcro.  It makes it super easy to get in and out of the boot.  

The Ruler has solid adjustability and heel hold options.  This liner provides medium support with internal and external support bars.  Of course, the dual-zone speed lacing system allows you to independently tighten the upper and lower zones of the boot.  This makes the boot versatile for various riding styles and preferences.

But regardless of your riding style, for some dual-zone speed lacing alone can leave you wanting more in terms of heel hold.  This is because the ropes do not tighten right over the ankle area to pull it into the heel of the boot.

Lucky for you Burton has included an internal lacing system to provide extra heel hold.  The internal lacing system is attached to the boot shell and cradles the liner.  As you tighten the internal laces it sucks your ankle down into the heel of the boot.  So even if you want to ride with the external laces a little looser there is a way to maintain your heel hold.

To keep you warm they’ve included premium 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation.  To give it a nice plush feel for your feet there’s fur covering the inside of the liner.  Fur sound too feminine?  Don’t worry Burton calls it Man Fur so you and your cozy feet have nothing to be self conscious about.

The Ruler comes in several options.  If you’ve got wide feet, not to worry.  You too can get a great fitting boot since the Ruler is available in both standard and wide widths.

It also comes in a leather version which has a beautiful refined feel and makes it stand out from the standard Ruler shell material.

Burton Ruler Leather (Speed Laces)

Everything you get with the regular Ruler but with a beautiful brown genuine leather outer shell for a unique feel and style.

And if that wasn’t enough, if you happen to be in love with the Ruler’s features but can’t live with speed laces they’ve even got a dual BOA version just for you.

Burton Ruler (Dual-Boa)

Dual-Boa version of the Ruler for dual zone adjustability for those that prefer Boa knobs rather than speed zone lacing.

Drawbacks (but not deal breakers)

The simple liner closure system allows you to tighten it to some degree.  But it does not have a power-strap at the top that goes through an eyelet that can be used to crank it very tight.  So if you are someone that wants things super tight at the top of the liner then this may leave you wanting more.  But the dual zone lacing system allows you to get the top plenty tight for most riders.

After tightening the boot, the laces on the speed lacing system do require the extra step of winding them around the pull handles and storing them in the small pockets on sides of the boot.  This doesn’t take that much time though.  If you really don’t like this setup then you can always opt for the dual BOA version

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  1. Most uncomfortable boots ever worn ..!!

    Gave me cuff rub / skin rash on shin and calf however tight / slack I fastened them.
    Always wear good quality Smartwool or Patagonia merino socks but just could not ‘break’ them, in to get the comfort i’m used to.

    Gone back to Moto’s – had 3 pairs over the years with no issues

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Bruce. Sorry you had to go through the rash problem. Glad to hear Moto’s are working well for you.

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